How to Fix Blinking Blue Light on ScanSnap

The Issue

Yesterday, I turned on my ScanSnap 1300i to scan some documents in. The blue ready light blinked like it normally does when warming up, but it usually stops after a few minutes. This time it just kept blinking, and I noted the the ScanSnap manager icon in the dock was a dull gray. That indicates that it isn't communicating with the Scansnap device.

The Fix

The procedure to resolve the issue was pretty simple.

  1. Click on the Apple icon.
  2. Click on Force Quit.
  3. Select "ScanSnap".
  4. Click on "Force Quit".
    Force Quit ScanSnap Manager
  5. Wait for the app to quit.
  6. Start ScanSnap Manager.

The Resolution

My Scansnap device stopped blinking and worked fine afterwards. Mission Accomplished.

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