Catalina Music App Memory Bug and Fix!

The Symptom

You get "System has run out of application memory" message and have to force quit apps or restart your Mac to free up memory.

System has run out of application memory

Music is using a ginormous amountof memory!

Expanding the activity bar shows it's stuck loading artwork.

After a restart, Music will start grabbing more and memory again.

The Issue

You have a large Album Artwork folder. Music has problems loading this. It will get stuck in a "loading artwork loop" until you exit the app or your system runs out of memory.

My Album Artwork Folder

The Fix , really a work around

  1. Quit Music.
  2. Delete or move the Album Artwork folder.
  3. Restart Music.
  4. That's it.

Music should load and process artwork again. What it will do differently not continuously grab more memory, and it will finish loading Album Artwork this time.

My Music app after deleting album artwork.

You will notice that it does not create the Album Artwork folder. I guess that it stores album artwork someplace else now.